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FX Technologies, LLC is staffed with qualified, experienced, and personable IT consultants. We know how important it is to listen and to ask pertinent questions in order to understand our clients' needs. Additionally, with our expertise we can help suggest better and sometimes more cost efficient ways to achieve the end result. Together we can find the solution that fits your need.

IT Consulting & Implementation

Design and implement a complete computer network


  • IT Consultation: We will spend the time upfront to understand your needs, and use our expert knowledge to design a solution that efficiently meets those needs.

  • Acquisition: We will work with hardware and software vendors to get the parts you need and to ensure that they work together.

  • Implementation: We are willing to work off-hour to get your system implemented quickly and with minimal disruption.

  • Training: FX Technologies can help you make the most of your system. We can provide you with any additional training or documentation.










Infrastructure Upgrades & Custom IT Projects

Add, improve, or expand what you have


  • FX Technologies can help you to expand your current IT systems by providing recommendations for additional servers, workstations, remote access, VPN, Internet or WAN connections. We will estimate the time and cost for such projects and help you to avoid certain unnecessary purchases or implementations.

  • Upgrade software or hardware.

  • Target specific problems or issues and resolve them.

Additional Services

Other Technical Services


  • Back-Up Systems

  • Enterprise Anti-virus Package Installation

  • Cloud Based Solutions

  • Remote Access

  • E-mail Installation

  • Network Security

  • Internet Monitoring System

  • Secure Wireless LANs

  • Web Servers

  • Intranet

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