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Philosophy and Vision

At FX Technologies, we believe there are four (4) key elements to every successful project. Assessment, Design, Implementation and finally, Monitor and Analyze.



We invest the time necessary to truly understand the vision, scope and philosophy of your organization. Through our fact-finding interviews, we learn more about you, your company, your current technology implementation and more importantly...where you want to be.

We strategize with you by having brainstorming workshops. You know your business better than anyone else...and we know ours. Together, we create a focused scope of work with measurable goals to ensure a timely development schedule.



Your Team is built consisting of varying skill sets from Project Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Programmers and Graphic Designers. We ensure that you are getting the latest technology for your application...and not just another cookie cutter solution. Your solution is built according to the timelines and guidelines developed during the assessment.





Before we launch the new technology, we will have orientation sessions with you and your staff to ensure an efficient rollout of your project. Your Project Team will then initiate the project rollout according to the guidelines developed during the fact-finding interviews. Before we finalize the rollout, we make sure you are satisfied with the new technology and that you received everything just the way you thought it would be. As a final step, we train you and your staff on the day-to-day maintenance of the new technology.


Monitor and Analyze

Your Project Team will continue to monitor and analyze the impact of your latest technology upgrade by reviewing performance benchmarks and statistics. We match the performance of the project to the objectives expected and make any necessary adjustments. Your dedicated Project Team will continue to Monitor your project and make recommendations for improvements based on performance and the latest technologies.

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